Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Morning Harvest & A Reminder

The mountain air felt crisp and fresh. The birds were singing. We filled containers with arugula, endive, kale flowers, chard, collards, celery, and chives, and brought it in to join the sage and lemonbalm from yesterday's harvest.
It was a peaceful way to start the day, which we needed, because we have been feeling rather overwhelmed with all that needs doing around here. We've been doing our best to focus on one task at a time. Harvesting done. Breakfast made. Kitchen clean. Oil for salve strained. Greenhouse and garden watered (oh yes, watering time is here again!) Pictures taken to post on Etsy. New items posted on Etsy during Bracken's nap. 
We're itching to keep cleaning up outside, but moneymaking needs to come first, there are those bills to be paid after all. Laundry is still waiting to be hung. Our mental to-do lists seem too long to remember. At one point this morning I was trying to go a little too fast at a task and it ended up taking twice as long. 
Then I saw this wonderful reminder while posting it on our Etsy Shop. Jeff finished carving it last week and today, today it was just the message I needed to hear. When I breathe deeply, time slows down, and suddenly everything doesn't feel so overwhelming. Suddenly everything feels much better. Thought maybe some of you might need this message today too, so I shared it.